Ledcor endows COSC scholarship


Fulltime construction science students at Texas A&M have a new scholarship opportunity provided by San Diego-based Ledcor Construction Inc.

“We’re now big enough in the U.S. that we felt like we needed to expand our reach as far as recruitment and community involvement,” said Ledcor president Jimmy Byrd; the U.S. company is an arm of the Ledcor Group of Companies, based in Canada.

“We want to reinvest in the communities where we have large pockets of employees, so we picked universities and children’s medical care,” said Byrd. Ledcor has a regional office in Dallas.

The company looked for the top construction science schools in the country, said Byrd. “Texas A&M obviously falls into the top two or three,” he said. Joe Horlen, head of Texas A&M’s Department of Construction Science, said both Byrd and Larry Zuber, the college’s senior director of development, have been great to work with.

“We hope to be much more than just a company that writes checks,” said Byrd. “We want to provide internships as part of the curriculum at Texas A&M. We want to be an active participant with the university, and help enhance its program. We’re willing to send speakers, we’re willing to do whatever.”

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