Viz department featured in
Houston Chronicle article


In its July 24, 2008 edition, the Houston Chronicle published a comprehensive feature on the Department of Visualization at the Texas A&M College of Architecture.

The story offers an overview of the department's Master of Science in Visualization Sciences program and touts the Texas Aggie connection to Hollywood's leading animation and special effects studios.

“It occupies a small, nondescript floor of the Langford Architecture Building. It has only about 60 students and 11 faculty members, but its presence has long been felt throughout the world of computer graphics (CG) entertainment,” Louis B. Parks wrote in the Chronicle piece.

For example, at least 21 graduates of Texas A&M's Master of Science in Visualization Sciences program participated in 15 production categories in the creation of Pixar's new animated feature, "Wall•E."

Read the entire Chronicle story -- “Aggies leave their mark on WALL-E: Texas A&M grads find work in Hollywood in computer animation” -- online at:

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