Student designs for La Porte facility
featured in Texas Architect magazine


Texas Architect editor Stephen Sharpe took note of efforts by students in a spring 2008 studio led by Mardelle Shepley, professor of architecture at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture.

Sharpe, writing in the May/June 2008 of Texas Architect, said the students had just two weeks to create designs to the Parsons Group, owner of a senior citizens residential facility in La Porte.

Parsons asked the students to submit designs for a 40-unit residential facility to complement an existing facility on the site.

Students Ellen Kiel and Bradley Keene told Sharpe they wanted to design a space to “break the monotony of a long hallway and get away from the institutional feel while also providing reference points to help residents orient themselves.”

Sharpe’s “Editors Note” is available at theTexas Architect website.

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