Former students’ iPhone stand
is a critical and commercial hit


The Glif, a stand and tripod mount for the iPhone 4 created by two former students from Texas A&M’s College of Architecture, is getting rave reviews all over the Internet.

 “This simple, pocket-sized piece of plastic can instantly expand the options for taking photos, shooting video and viewing content on your iPhone 4,” wrote Macworld’s Beau Colburn.

Designed by Dan Provost and Thomas Gerhardt, who earned Bachelor of Environmental Design degrees in 2007, the Glif is available through its home page,

“The Glif may be one of the coolest contraptions designed for the iPhone 4 to date,” said CNET’s Joe Aimonetti.

It's just a small piece of injection-molded plastic that's shaped like a bottle opener, wrote Gizmodo’s Kyle VanHemert.

“But … the cleverly-designed Glif hides a surprising amount of functionality. Stand your iPhone up during FaceTime calls. Prop it up as a mini-computer. Or strap it to a tripod and get your iMovie app money's worth.”

To learn more about the Glif’s unique development, in which some 5,000 backers contributed more than $130,000 to get the product manufactured, visit

Also see a related story on the Glif’s development in The Economist:


- Posted: Feb 18, 2011 -

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