Video focusing on undergrad research
includes design professor, student


Texas A&M environmental design major and his professor are featured in a new video highlighting the benefits of undergraduate research at Texas A&M.

In the featured segment, which beings two minutes, six seconds into the video, student Jordan Mason and his research mentor, Stephen Caffey, assistant professor of architecture, talk about Mason’s 10-day field trip to research European Baroque-style churches.

“He was able to come back and share that freshly gained knowledge with students in my Art and Architectural History class,” said Stephen Caffey.

“The undergraduates I’ve worked with have really fresh and creative ways of thinking about the materials I investigate, and so to have a fresh set of eyes and a fresh mind come to my material, it’s been an incredible set of collaborations that have produced a lot of new knowledge.”

The video and story, “Texas A&M Students Benefit from Undergraduate Research Opportunities,” can be viewed on the Texas A&M News and Information website.



- Posted: May 23, 2011 -

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Stephen Caffey

Jordan Mason

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