Student, professor highlight attributes
of Texas A&M College of Architecture


Master of Architecture student Ashley Dias and Louis Tassinary, professor of architecture and associate dean for research, recently took some time to share their personal insights on the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. In the following video, they highlight a few of the college’s attributes and explain why it is “the place” for pursuing an education.

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More about the college

With approximately 1,800 students, the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University is one of the largest of its kind in the United States, offering a comprehensive catalog of prominently ranked graduate and undergraduate programs in the design, planning, construction, and development professions.

The four departments in the college — architecture, construction science, landscape architecture and urban planning, and visualization — are each fully accredited at the highest possible level and together offer 12 degree programs including doctorates in architecture and urban and regional science. The college has world-renowned specializations in visualization sciences, sustainable urbanism, healthcare architecture and historic preservation. It is also home to all of Texas A&M University programs in the visual arts. Additionally the college sustains five formally organized research centers and laboratories dedicated to improving the knowledge base of the professions it serves and supporting six graduate certification programs — Environmental Hazard Management, Facility Management, Health Systems and Design, Historic Preservation, Sustainable Urbanism, and Transportation Planning.

The A&M architecture program, now entering its second century, was established in September 1905 as the first formal architectural education program in Texas. The program was housed within the Department of Engineering until 1969 when the College of Architecture was created.

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The college is distinctive in that it offers a truly interdisciplinary curriculum, recognizing that no single professional track or narrow specialization can adequately prepare tomorrow's building and planning professionals. Because the college houses all of the built environment professions, it is uniquely suited for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Though quite diverse, the disciplines within the college have one predominant commonality — the transformation of the human environment. Because the creativity and sensitivity with which each discipline is practiced has a profound influence on the quality of life in society, the college challenges students to weave aesthetics, safety, function, financial feasibility, sustainability, and environmental stewardship into the creative process.

The College of Architecture is part of a university community that is world-renowned for its leadership in teaching, research and service. Its instructors work to ensure that students are well prepared by course work that includes fundamentals as well as the more innovative concepts, spawned by research and scholarly debate. A core value of the college is the influence of research on teaching and practice.

The college also belongs to and serves the professional communities of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, land development, construction science, and visualization sciences. It is dedicated to generating significant knowledge and insight and producing a long line of qualified aspirants for the jobs of tomorrow.

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