College leaders seek stakeholders’
input on proposed 10% budget cut


Administrators for the Texas A&M College of Architecture are soliciting input from college stakeholders as they plan for a potentially permanent 10% budget reduction scheduled to take effect September 2011.

“I recognize this level of reduction will force some very hard choices amongst some very useful activities, and it will cause personnel actions that will impact members of our university community,” said Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin in a June 14, 2010 memorandum (53K PDF) to vice presidents and deans outlining planning guidelines for a $60 million university-wide budget reduction.

The president’s request anticipates a “worst case scenario” $39 million cut in state appropriations, as well as a proposed strategic reallocation of resources to fund merit pay increases and university programs of excellence for the 2011-12 academic year.

If such a cut is implemented, the College of Architecture will be required to absorb a permanent $1,375,000 reduction in annual funding.

“While the task at hand is formidable, we believe the fiscal challenges we face offer a unique opportunity for our college, departments and research centers to conduct a deep assessment, and possibly redefine or perhaps even restructure our current method of conducting business,” said Jorge Vanegas, dean of the college. “By being creative, innovative and entrepreneurial, I firmly believe we will weather this storm and come out stronger and better than what we are today."

“Though we are fully aware of the potential impacts, which we will not sugarcoat,” Vanegas continued, “I want to assure our stakeholders that the college is maintaining a focus on our mission while collectively and creatively addressing this budget-cutting process.”

To facilitate feedback on the proposed cuts from the college stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, students’ parents, former students, corporate partners and friends, the college has created a website where suggestions and comments can be anonymously submitted.

“I invite each of you to share your reactions, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or any other type of feedback you would like us to have,” said Vanegas. “It is our intent to manage this budgetary shortfall while continuing to move forward with our strategic plans. We have superb talent, an excellent infrastructure, and together, these two add up to a great capacity for impacting individuals, families, communities and organizations with a vision of a better quality of life for people, and a better quality of the places where they live and interact. However, to achieve this vision we need the will, the respect, the trust and the commitment of all, working together as a cohesive whole.”


- Posted: July. 13, 2010 -

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Submit your suggestions.
College stakeholders are encouraged to submit suggestions and concerns regarding the proposed 10% cut to the College of Architecture budget. Unless signed, all comments will be anonymous.

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