Aggie environmental design students
interning at leading architecture firms


Two environmental design students from Texas A&M are interning this summer at leading architecture firms in New York and Los Angeles.

"These are really tough positions to land, but due to their amazing portfolios they got in," said Gabriel Esquivel, assistant professor of architecture. "These are two of the most prestigious architecture firms in the world."

Mitch Rocheleau usinterning at EMERGENT in Los Angeles.

The EMERGENT website identifies the firm as a platform for architectural experimentation, dedicated to the transfer of techniques, logics, and sensibilities from science, technology, and computation into architecture.

EMERGENT’s primary directive is to move beyond categorical thinking and the stratification of building systems toward a more integrated future.

Chris Gassaway has an internship at Gage/Clemenceau Architects in New York.

According to its website, the firm is motivated by the premise that architecture transcends the practice of mere building in favor of a new and vibrant alliance between progressive technologies, new materials and a renewed interest in architecture as an exceedingly visual and aesthetically driven discipline.


- Posted: June 21, 2010 -

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Contact:   Phillip Rollfing, or 979.458.0442.


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