Visualization student creates video
after 2-month stint on research ship


Stephanie Keske, a graduate visualization student at Texas A&M, used her visualization skills while accompanying hydrogeology researchers on a 470-foot research ship this summer, creating a video illustrating how scientists use borehole technology to study the ocean's coast deep below the sea floor.

Keske spent two months on board the research ship JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling) Resolution off the coast of British Columbia with a group of scientists. Their objective was installing long-term borehole observatories known as Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kits, or CORKs, a mile and a half under the ocean surface. CORKs are used to monitor pressure, temperature and microbial activity to study how water and microbes move within the ocean's crust.

A May 2010 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Visualization program, Keske served as the mission’s outreach officer, collaborating with the scientists to create innovative learning and teaching tools designed to facilitate the communication of scientific drilling results to broad audiences.

Her video can be viewed on You Tube.

Her blog about the expedition is also available online at

See more details about Keske’s stint on the JOIDES Resolution.


- Posted: Nov 11, 2010 -

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