Water institute magazine highlights
CHUD’s filter deliveries to colonias


In the spring 2009 edition of the Texas Water Resources Institute’s magazine tx H20, an article highlights the efforts of the Center of Housing and Urban Development at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture to make potable water available to colonias residents.

Colonias are impoverished, unincorporated and relatively undeveloped villages near population centers along the U.S. side of the U.S.- Mexico border. Many homes in colonias lack basic necessities such as potable water, electricity and sewer systems.

CHUD has joined forces with the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture and the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, both at Texas A&M, to produce and distribute ceramic point-of-use water filters. Shaped like pots, the filters are forms of low-cost water treatment that can be used anywhere in the world to prevent deaths and poor health.

The pots are needed in the colonias, the article states, since more than a half-million people live in approximately 2,300 colonias along Texas’ long border with Mexico with no running water or sewage systems.

The article is available on page 14 of a PDF document on the Institute’s website.

Below: a video presents further details about the colonias project


- Posted: June 17, 2009-

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