Fisk details sustainability
concepts to CNN audience


Television viewers tuned to CNN Oct. 13 saw a lengthy video detailing the latest ideas in sustainability from a professor at Texas A&M's College of Architecture.

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera spent a day with Pliny Fisk, an associate professor of architecture and landscape architecture & urban planning, at Fisk's Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems near Austin.

"Fisk's mission," reported Lavandera, "is to develop environmentally sustainable building materials and to fundamentally change the way we build our communities, like homes and office buildings."

He envisions a world, said Lavandera, where building materials leave a carbon-neutral footprint, a world where people tap into surrounding resources to create environmentally sustainable communities.

"The world has changed," Fisk told CNN. "You used to think of waste stuff as a problem... now you look at that waste stuff as a huge business opportunity."

The complete CNN feature on Fisk, "'Mad scientist' to build greener future with 'megacrete,'" along text, photos and video, is available on the CNN website.

For more on the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, visit


- Posted: Nov. 20, 2009 -

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