Fisk fields ‘trailblazer’ Q&A for
Baltimore’s Urbanite magazine


A Baltimore publication asked Pliny Fisk, associate professor of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, to detail his current and past sustainable building efforts.

“The simplest solutions to a lot of these things are, in some cases, is staring us right in the face,” said Fisk in Urbanite magazine’s October 2009 issue, answering a question about how to deal with water shortages.

He outlined his work in the 70s converting Crystal City, Texas to alternative energy sources after that city’s gas was cut off, and his development of the ProtoScope, a global database of human knowledge that shows of best and worst practices for interacting with the natural environment.

Urbanite, “For Baltimore’s Curious,” is a publication dedicated to addressing the issues affecting the relationship between the city and those who live there.

The story, “Keynote: The Pioneer — Sustainable-design trailblazer Pliny Fisk on the future of building,” is available online at


- Posted: Oct. 5, 2009 -

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Pliny Fisk

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