Ph.D. architecture student
researching in Antarctica


The research interest of an architecture Ph.D. student has taken her literally to the end of the earth; her experiences there can be followed online on her blog, “77 degrees south.”

Georgina Davis is at McMurdo Station in Antarctica studying how the design and engineering elements of the station’s buildings affect researchers’ productivity and well-being, as well as the structures’ energy efficiency.

Its aging infrastructure and historical lack of a master plan, she wrote, are the subject of many energy and maintenance reports looking at operational costs, site constraints, and possible alternative energy sources, all in an attempt to update the aging station.

“There are no studies that combine energy efficiency with human comfort in a remote research station the size of McMurdo, the largest research station on the continent,” she wrote in her blog Sept. 22.  “In my study, I hope to address this gap.”

Davis’ blog is available at


- Posted: Oct. 7, 2009 -

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