Dumbaugh’s traffic research lauded
in May issue of Planning magazine


An urban planning professor at Texas A&M has broken new theoretical ground with his research showing there are fewer auto accidents in neighborhoods with traditional features, according to an article appearing in the current issue of Planning Magazine.

Eric Dumbaugh, assistant professor of urban planning at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture, modeled accidents for almost 750 block groups in San Antonio, wrote Reid Ewing, professor of city and metropolitan planning at the University of Utah.

“He shows that neighborhoods … with higher densities, pedestrian oriented-retail uses, and interconnected streets, suffer fewer serious crashes than suburban neighborhoods,” said Ewing.

Dumbaugh’s research, said Ewing, is scheduled to appear in the summer 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

The article, which Dumbaugh co-authored with Robert Rae, who received a Master of Urban Planning degree from Texas A&M in 2008, is available to American Planning Association members at http://www.planning.org/planning/index.htm.

- May 4th 2009 -

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