College Ph.D. student quoted in Time
magazine about childhood obesity study


Xuemei Zhu, a new member of the Texas A&M College of Architecture faculty, was quoted in the June 12 issue of Time magazine in an article about childhood obesity.

The article discusses how children from low-income families have higher obesity rates, and mentions Zhu’s research in Austin’s neighborhoods.

“Even in dense communities, parents often refused to allow kids to walk to school, fearing they would become victims of crime or traffic accidents,” Zhu told Time about her research findings.

She did her research as a Ph.D. architecture student at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture; she received her degree in August 2008.

For Bryan Walsh’s story in Time, visit,9171,1813984-1,00.html

Zhu said Chanham Lee, assistant professor of urban planning at Texas A&M, provided valuable guidance to her while she did her research, which was funded by a dissertation grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research Program.

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Xuemei Zhu, a new member of the Texas A&M College of Architecture faculty

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