Legion of A&M Vizzers assist creation
of Pixar’s latest feature film, ‘WALL•E’


When moviegoers enter the world of WALL•E, a robot who lives on a future Earth devoid of humans, they’re seeing a movie with major contributions from 17 graduates and four current students of the Visualization Laboratory at Texas A&M University, part of the Department of Visualization Sciences at the university’s College of Architecture.

“WALL•E,” the latest blockbuster film from Pixar studios, is just the latest example of how “Vizzers” from Texas A&M, animators who learned about digital animation from the Viz Lab, are using their knowledge to help Pixar entertain audiences in America and throughout the world.

“The Viz Lab and Pixar have had a relationship for more than 10 years now,” said Tim McLaughlin, head of the Department of Visualization. “The evidence of the strength of that relationship shows as the names of former students roll across the screen at the end of ‘WALL•E.’”

McLaughlin said Pixar supports the Viz program at Texas A&M through visiting artist lectures, one-on-one reviews of student work, and scholarships for current students given by former students and matched by money from the studio.

Angelique Reisch, a student at the Viz Lab, worked on the film as a shot lighting artist.

"We had to really bring (WALL•E’s) eyes to life so you believe that this isn't just a hunk of metal, it's a real character,” Reisch told the Houston Chronicle in a July 24 story about the visualization program at Texas A&M. “I put a lot of work into the reflections of Eve in WALL•E's eyes."

Eve is WALL•E’s romantic interest in the movie.

“There are 21 Aggie vizzers who participated in 15 production categories in ‘WALL•E,’” said Bill Jenks, director of the Viz Lab.

Four of the Aggie contributors served as interns on the film. “Intern positions were held by individuals who were active Viz students, selected through a competitive application process,” said Jenks.

“Our students know that opportunities to work on great films are real for them at Pixar,” said McLaughlin. “Many of them set that target from their first day on campus and Pixar is there to provide guidance and opportunities to the students to prove themselves along the way."

Following is a list of Aggie Vizzers who worked on “WALL•E”.

Patrick James,       Matte Paint Technical Lead
Sajan Skaria,       Character Modeling & Articulation Artist
Bill Sheffler,       Character Modeling & Articulation Artist
David Batte,       Character Shading Artist + Effects Artist
Sarah Fowler DeLuna,       Character Shading Artist
Brandon Onstott,       Character Shading Artist
Don Bui,       Character Intern
Seth Freeman,       Character Intern
Christina Garcia,       Set Dressing Artist + Additional Simulation (Crowds/Simulation)
Kevin Singleton,       Modeling Artist (Sets)
Steven King,       Shading Artist (Sets)
Charu Sharma Clark,       Shot Lighting Artist
Angelique Ford Reisch,       Shot Lighting Artist
Julie Garcia,       Shot Lighting Artist
Kimberly Ross,       Shot Lighting Artist
Chris Chapman,       Effects Sequence Lead + Development Engineer(Technical Development)
Keith Daniel Klohn,       Effects Sequence Lead + Development Engineer(Technical Development)
Kurt Phillips,       Effects Intern
Alex Timchenko,       Rendering Artist
Eric Peden,       Rendering Intern
Clayborn Welsh,       Marketing

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Aggies from the Visualization Lab played a major role shaping the look of the animated movie “WALL•E.”

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