9-11 flag memorial
honors those lost

Landscape architecture student's unique design includes color flag for every victim

Over 3,000 red, white and blue flags, one for each victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, adorned the lawn south of the Langford Architecture Center on the Texas A&M campus on the first anniversary of the tragic event. The temporary memorial was conceived and constructed by A&M landscape architecture students.

Micah Langdon, the fifth-year landscape architecture student who designed the memorial, said the flags were aligned in groups with individual colors representing the fallen from each of the three tragic incidents - white, for the 40 victims of Flight 175 who perished in a Pennsylvania field; red, for the 184 lost in the attack on the Pentagon; and blue, for the 2,807 who died in the World Trade Towers.

"It was hard to come up with something that would be meaningful and not look too cheap," explained Langdon. His original design called for United States flags, but that solution proved too expensive for the project's limited budget. In his final design, he settled for patriotically colored "utility flags," like the ones used to mark underground pipes and cables.

Third-, fourth- and fifth-year landscape architecture students helped Langdon erect the flags in three distinct locations on the lawn. The flags, he said, will point northeast, toward the sites of the horrific events of 9/11/2001. The flags were placed two feet apart in rows separated by four feet of space, allowing viewers room to walk among them.

The memorial project was assigned as a studio project by Michael Murphy, professor of landscape architecture.

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