2004 Rowlett Lecture
eyes top design firm

Event offers insiders' view of RTKL


A unique glimpse into the history of one of the nation's leading design firms, RTKL, a worldwide planning, architecture, design and creative services organization, will be offered at the 2004 Rowlett Lecture set for Feb. 6, 2004 at Texas A&M University.

The annual event, established in 1979, will begin at 1 p.m. at the Presidential Conference Center. It will feature RTKL representatives leading discussions about the 55-year evolution of the company, explained Robert Johnson, architecture professor and director of the CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry at Texas A&M's College of Architecture, sponsor of the long-running lecture series.

Admission to the conference is $50 for those who register prior to January 23, 2004 and $75 up to the day of the event. Texas A&M faculty, staff and students will not be charged. Registration information is available through the CRS Center at (979) 847-9357 or online at http://rowlett.tamu.edu. Continuing education units will be available to AIA members attending the conference.

“As with all successful firms, the history of RTKL has been a continuous search for what works — and adaptation when experiencing what doesn't work,” said Johnson. “This lecture will be a unique opportunity to learn about the RTKL philosophy for success.”

Founded in 1946, RTKL specializes in integrated planning, architectural and creative services across the full development cycle. RTKL is an idea-driven firm providing customized business solutions and seamless delivery to their clients in commercial, cultural and governmental realms.

Johnson said he expects the event to attract students, faculty, architectural professionals, and others interested in gaining insight into the business and management strategies that have made RTKL a successful, global company.

"We are excited by this opportunity to share with A&M students and the public how we are positioning ourselves to pursue our simple but audacious mission of being a viable contender for any major architectural project in the world," said Harold Adams, RTKL chairman emeritus and Texas A&M Outstanding Alumnus.

The lecture will feature several presentations and panel discussions led by firm executives Harold Adams, Paul Jacobs and Lance Josal. Topics include: how RTKL's roots define their present and future; the company's core values; excellence in project and geographic diversity; and producing great architecture internationally and attracting great talent.

The John Miles Rowlett Lecture Series was endowed in 1979 through a grant to the Texas Architectural Foundation from the founders of CRS, the former Texas architecture firm once counted among the nation's leading design companies, and Mrs. Virginia Rowlett, wife of one of the original CRS founders. The goal of the lecture series was to bring speakers of national and international significance to the College of Architecture at Texas A&M.

The original firm of CRS was established in 1946 by William W. Caudill and John M. Rowlett, professors of architecture at Texas A&M. The CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry was founded by CRSS, a later incarnation of CRS, and Texas A&M to advance the study of leadership and management in the design and construction industry. The CRS Center can be found on the Web at http://crscenter.tamu.edu.


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