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Korean Aggies

Shepley dines with group
of Ph.D. alumi in Korea



While in Seoul, South Korea to deliver a keynote address at the Jan. 9 Healthy Urban Community and Housing Conference at Seoul National University of Technology, architecture professor Mardelle Shepley meet with several College of Architecture alumni, all of whom earned a Ph.D. in architecture from Texas A&M.

The former students who later treated Shepley to a reunion dinner were Aggies Joon Kwun, Duk-su Kim, In-kon Kim, Kwanyong Lee, and Wonpil Kim, a College of Architecture Outstanding Alumnus who helped organize the conference.

“All these gentlemen had prominent careers upon returning to Korea,” Shepley noted. “Their accomplishments are a testament to their ability, as well as to the quality of our Ph.D. program.”

Shepley’s keynote address examined the concepts of healing environments and their applications to urban communities. Other conference speakers included Xin Zheng, China; Koreans Byong Gyu Park, Myung-soo Choi and Kyung-wook Seo, and Barrie Melotte of Australia.

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Korean architecture Ph.D. alums dine with professor Mardelle Shepley during her visit to Seoul.