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Global Construction
Excellence Fund

New study abroad fund benefits
construction science students



Students in the Department of Construction Science who want to broaden their horizons by studying abroad may be eligible for a new scholarship.

With a $25,000 gift to the Department of Construction Science, former students Greg Childers and Mike Webb, with matching funds from the Halliburton Foundation, have endowed the Global Construction Excellence Fund, which benefits full-time students interested in studying abroad or other international experiences, such as international internships.

While a student at Texas A&M, Childers, co-founder of the Global Construction Scholarship, spent a semester studying at the National University of Singapore through the reciprocal exchange program with the Texas A&M College of Architecture. He said the time he spent overseas was an important stepping-stone in his journey toward a career in international construction.

“The experience I gained and the global exposure I received during that semester in Singapore were phenomenal,” says Childers. “I traveled to Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and Taiwan. I was able to gain access to the Three Gorges Dam Project, the largest single construction project in world history, and I am certain that my time abroad was instrumental in getting to work with BP (British Petroleum) on the Salah Gas Project in Algeria. It’s all fun, “he continued, “and it all started with a semester abroad in Singapore.”

Webb has also attributed his study abroad experiences while a student at Texas A&M to greatly influencing his career path. Both Childers and Webb encourage other Aggies to join their efforts and help fund international experiences for students. They hope the Global Construction Excellence endowment will encourage other students to follow in their footsteps, studying or working abroad.

“With help from other Aggies who are willing to contribute,” said Childers, “we’re looking forward to many years of helping future Aggie constructors get their feet wet overseas.”

The first recipient of a Global Construction Excellence Scholarship, Beatriz Carillo, spent a semester studying construction management at the University of Salford in England. During her time in England, she worked with both Webb and Childers at KBR Energy and Chemicals, a subsidiary of Halliburton, and she is now planning to intern with KBR this summer.



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Charles Graham with Mike Webb, co-founder of the Global Construction Scholarship.

Former student Greg Childers, co-founder of the Global Construction Scholarship