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Furniture Deconstruction

Architecture students get structures
lesson while deconstructing couch



This semester, several master of architecture career change students learned a bit about upholstery and teamwork while exploring the influence of structural factors on architectural space and form.

As part of their studies, the students in Anne Nichol’s ARCH 614, “Elements of Architectural Structures” course gathered at the Architecture Ranch to deconstruct a couch, which was analyzed and evaluated using the structural principles taught in the classroom.

The project objective, as outlined in the assignment, was to “develop an understanding of the significance, assumptions, applications and limitations of the basic principles of statics and strength of materials as they apply to the design and analysis of structural members and simple connections."

To document demolition of the couch project, the students created time-lapse video and set it to music.

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The students created a time-lapse video of their proejct. Click below to watch:

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