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50 year reunion

Class of '57 reunites, endows college's
first class-sponsored sholarship



Thirteen of the 18 surviving members of the Texas A&M Department of Architecture’s Class of 1957 reunited April 20-21 to attend the Department of Architecture’s 2007 Awards Banquet, where they were honored for endowing the college’s first class-sponsored scholarship.

According to Larry Zuber, senior director of deveopment for the College of Architecture, class member Larry Priesmeyer was instrumental in coordinating the class-wide scholarship initiative.

The members of the Class of ’57, especially John Only Greer, college archivist and senior faculty member, are relatively well-know in the halls of the Langford Architecture Center. Their class photo, taken 50 years ago on the steps of the Williams Building, is posted high on the wall opposite of the elevator door on the first floor of the Langford A building. While on campus, the 13 classmates in attendance took time to recreate the original photo, posing in their original positions on the William Building steps.

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The graduating class of '57 (photographed in 1957)

The graduating class of '57 ( photo taken in 2007)

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