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arch Ph.D. student awarded for essay

Zhu Qian ís essay on Chinese land reform
earns 2nd place in international competition


An essay on Chinese land reform by Zhu Qian, a Ph.D. student in architecture, won second place in a contest sponsored by the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies, along with the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research and Blackwell Publishers. Winning essays were selected from a variety of entries by young authors on urban and regional themes.

Qian’s essay, “Institutions and Local Growth Coalitions in China’s Urban Land Reform: The Case of Hangzhou High Technology Zone,” focuses on his study of China’s status as a socialist economy in transition. Qian’s study utilized “institutionalist” and urban growth machine theories to study the collaboration of government-lead programs with local interest groups in development zones. According to Qian’s abstract, “the study concludes that the presence of interest groups and the missing community organizations unique to China give new theoretical implications and that both theories work much better with the economic domain than with the political domain largely due to a lagged political reform.”


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