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CAD knowledge pool

TRC gains college-wide access to
ACADIA’s CumInCAD Database



The Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) has granted college-wide access to the CumInCAD database. Through the renewal of the Technical Reference Center’s library membership to ACADIA, which provides access to the ACADIA Conference Proceedings books, the college is entitled to one year of full electronic access to the CumInCAD database.

CumInCAD is a cumulative index of proceedings papers, journal articles, dissertations, and newsletter articles, related to computer aided architectural design. Over 8,000 records, dating back as far as the early 80's, have been submitted by the main CAD-related organizations, including ACADIA, SIGRADI, eCAADe, CAAD Futures, CAADRIA, ASCAAD and others. More than 5,000 papers, including full abstracts, are available in full text, PDF format. The ACADIA conference papers appear in CumInCAD within days after being presented at the conference. Additionally there is a separate index of over 1,000 Spanish language papers.

ACADIA president Wassim Jabi re-initiated an effort with CumInCAD to allow IP-based access to the database specifically for libraries. Access to the database is only granted through membership in one of the sibling CAD organizations, which in North America is through ACADIA. Therefore, based on the TRC’s renewed membership, the library has been able to submit IP ranges that should now allow free access to students and faculty.

Anyone logging in from an approved IP address (or through VPN or EZ-Proxy) can create his/her own login and password to search the database and download the full PDF papers. The IP ranges submitted should cover most College of Architecture users.

To login to CumInCAD, go to to set up your login and password as a new user, and take advantage of this available service.


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