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NSF grant to fund analysis of
city management performance



Michael Neuman, professor of urban planning at the Texas A&M College of Architecture, received a two-year, $124,830 grant from the National Science Foundation to build a “multi-factor performance assessment model” for gauging metropolitan cities’ authoritative performances within large government-funded institutions.

Neuman, working with Franziska Hasselman, a scientist with the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, will measure the effectiveness of city management and institutional design, looking for new ways to control problematic factors such as pollution, public health, and global warming.

Neuman said the model will ultimately help lawmakers and other decision makers develop better strategies for improving infrastructure provision.

“Infrastructure is key to making cities and their citizens' lives safer, more productive, healthier, and environmentally sustainable,” Neuman noted. “Wise infrastructure policies also save billions of dollars in larger cities, states and federal agencies. Our findings will also inform controversies around privatization and decentralization, and deepen our understanding of the network society.”


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