Rowlett Lecture

2005 Rowlett lecture focuses on
preeminent design firm, HKS

Insight into the makings of one of the nation's top architectural firms, HKS, Inc., will be the focus of the 2005 Rowlett Lecture Series, which will bring nationally and internationally significant authorities on architecture to Texas A&M University Feb. 4.

The annual event, which was established in 1979, will begin at noon at the George Bush Presidential Conference Center and feature presentations led by HKS executives examining strategies for success and how people drive the architectural process. Admission to the conference is free for university faculty, staff and students.

The event attracts students, faculty, architectural professionals and others interested in gaining insight into business and management strategies that have made HKS the international success that it is today, said Robert Johnson, architecture professor at Texas A&M and director of the Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry (CRS Center) which hosts the lecture series.

“As with all successful firms, the history of HKS has been a continuous search for what works and adaptation when experiencing what doesn't work,” Johnson said. “This lecture will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the HKS formula for success.”

HKS, headquartered in Dallas with eight regional offices throughout the United States and Mexico, has completed projects totaling more than $27 billion in 400 cities in 45 states and 19 foreign countries.

Ralph Hawkins, HKS president and CEO, said he and his colleagues welcome the opportunity to be part of this series.

“It provides us with an opportunity to meet our industry's future leaders,” Hawkins said. “These students will play a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow's cityscapes and built environments.”

Among the HKS executives presenting at the 2005 lecture are Ronald Skaggs, chairman; H. Ralph Hawkins, president and CEO; Nunzio De Santis, executive vice president; Davis Chauviere, senior vice president; and Jesse Corrigan, senior vice president. Lecture topics include the legacy of HKS founder, Harwood K. Smith; the HKS strategy for success; the role of specialization within HKS; and how people, clients and HKS members drive the architectural process.

The Rowlett Lecture Series was endowed in 1979 through a grant to the Texas Architectural Foundation from the founders of CRS, the former Texas architecture firm considered among the nation’s leading design companies. The original firm of CRS was established in 1946 by William W. Caudill and John M. Rowlett, professors of architecture at Texas A&M.

Continuing education units will be available to AIA members attending the conference. Registration and additional program information is available through the CRS Center at (979) 847-9357 or at The CRS Center can be found at

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January 10, 2005

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