Noteworthy animation

Grad student project earns kudos
from SIGGRAPH, Nickelodeon

While taking notes in class, Jessica Scott, a graduate student in the Master of Science in Visualization Sciences program at Texas A&M University, got an idea for a short digital animation that has since earned her recognition at two prominent venues — the 2004 SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and the Nicktoons Film Festival.

In her one-minute, 20-second animation, “Attack of the Note Sheep,” a small flock of hastily scribbled sheep, grazing on class notes, have unfortunate encounters in several doodled scenarios.

The idea for the animation, Scott said, came from a couple of college friends who always drew sheep when they were bored in class. She picked up the habit, took it to grad school, and the sheep eventually wound up in her homework.

The “short short” was selected from hundreds of cartoons from around the world that were submitted in the competition, co-sponsored by Frederator Studios and Animation Magazine for Nicktoons cable channel. The piece was aired with other winners on Halloween night, 2004.

Scott originally created “Note Sheep” as a project for a design communication class, taught by Karen Hiller. The work was later accepted and showcased at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater held last summer as part of the organization’s national conference in Los Angeles.

The animation can be viewed on Scott’s Web site.

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January 10, 2005

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