Distinguished Visitor

Acclaimed ‘psychology of place’ researcher,
author, Cooper Marcus addresses Texas A&M

Clare Cooper Marcus, an internationally recognized pioneer in the psychological and sociological aspects of architecture, land-use and landscape design, kicked off the 2004-05 Center for Health Systems & Design Lecture Series with a Sept. 27 presentation entitled, “Therapeutic Landscapes: Places People Take Their Problems.”

Cooper Marcus is professor emeritus in the departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. She has written and taught extensively on the psychological impact of home. Her methods, derived from Gestalt Therapy and Jungian psychology, have allowed her to closely examine people's relationships and attachments to their homes; a concept illustrated in her internationally acclaimed book, “House as Mirror of Self.”

In another one of her popular books, “Healing Gardens: Therapeutic Benefits and Design Recommendations” (with Marni Barnes), Cooper Marcus focused on the therapeutic benefits of gardens in hospitals and other health care facilities. That book earned her the Environmental Design Research Association's Places Award for Place Research in 2000.

On Sept. 28, Cooper Marcus presented a lecture entitled, “Shared Outdoor Space, Health and a Sense of Community,” to College of Architecture faculty and students participating in a CHSD seminar in health research and design led by A&M architecture professor Roger Ulrich.

Cooper Marcus is a partner in Healing Landscapes, a consulting firm specializing in needs analysis related to outdoor space in health care settings.

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January 10, 2005

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