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Texas state
parks need help

Woodcock, committee offer solution
for beleaguered state park system



David G. Woodcock, architecture professor and director of the Center for Heritage Conservation at Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture, was one of 17 people from across the state appointed by Joseph Fitzsimons, chair of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, to advise on ways to meet the beleaguered state park system shortcomings in repair, staffing, maintenance, and growth.

On Aug 24, the committee submitted their recommendations, calling for the entire amount of state sporting goods sales tax to be allocated for the parks. The move, if adopted by legislators, would increase park funding by $85 million per year.

For details on the committee recommendations, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at

Woodcock had earlier been appointed by Fitzsimons to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Historic Sites Advisory Committee. His input to the larger committee, he said, “focused on the unique needs and contributions of the state parks whose significance reflects the history and heritage of Texas.”



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