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 Phillip Rollfing  

Spatial illusion

He's studio experiments with
visual language of Felice Varini



Last Spring, students in Weiling He’s studio at the Texas A&M College of Architecture transformed the visual landscape at the Langford Architecture Center with a series of giant geometric shapes, created with colored tape, that became distinct only seen from specific viewpoints.

As He explained, “They are using the visual language of Swiss-french artist Felice Varini to address their understanding of Langford A. The project started with analyses of Langford A and a 1/4'=1'-0" model of the building. They are now moving to the phase of installation. Students impose simple 2-D shapes to the 3-D space and use these shapes to flatten the space. Although from many points of view, the viewer see only fragmented lines, there is one single point of view from which the viewer will see a complete and flat geometric shape.”

The project had two primary objectives: to create a visual tension between 2-D and 3-D and to insert spatial energy to surroundings that are often ignored. He said Marcel Erminy introduced her to Varini’s work and has been “very generously helping me and my students now and then during the course of this project.”


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