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Live music

Viz students, faculty illustrate
"Adventure in Sound" concert
with Sympohony Orchestra



College of Architecture visualization students and faculty provided a backdrop for the April 23, 2006 Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra concert, “Adventure in Sound,” at Rudder Auditorium on the Texas A&M Campus.

While the first half of the concert featured conventional musical performances, the second act featured works enhanced by visualizations produced by Visualization Laboratory students and faculty. These diverse visual works included real time interactive video and interactive flash animations.

The concert venue included “Jackpot,” by Dan Welcher; “Capriol Jazz Suite (American Premiere)”, by Yaron Gottfried, who also performed on piano; and “Short Ride in a Fast Machine,: by John Adams.

The visualizations accompanied the the following performances:

Student Brooke Beane’s thesis project: While many such works exist as ideas, this was an unique example of thesis work being performed and presented as it is intended — at a large-scale theatrical/symphonic event.

“Once and Now,” is a work edited by Vishwanand Shetti and written and directed by visualization professor Karen Hillier. Bean and Hillier were the project’s videographers. “Shetti’s editing,” Hillier said, “was like a dance choreographing movement through cinematic space.”

Two other visualization students, Lauren Simpson and Jesse Weglein, lended their acting talent to the presentation and student Alethea Bair played violin as second chair in the orchestra.

Yauger Williams, assistant professor in visualization sciences, presented a major interactive piece, “The Origins of the Atmosphere,” performed to the Charles Ives's tune, “The Unanswered Question.” Williams work explores basic elements, considering the mystery and nature of existence.

Student David Morris worked with Taeg Nishimoto utilizing approximately 10,000 CD-ROMs that were animated to the Steve Reich’s musical work, “Three Movements for Orchestra.”



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Viz student Brooke Bean's visualization software interacts with a performance by the Brazos Valley Orchestra

Brooke Bean monitoring her computer during the performance

Actors, including viz student Lauren Simpson (right), were part of professor Karen Hillier's work "Once and Now"

Professor Taeg Nishimoto and viz student Dave Morris animated roughly 10,000 CD-ROMS to the sounds of "Three Movements for Orchestra"

Another view of the performance

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