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Center for Housing and Urban Development joins international trade organization



In 2006, the College of Architecture, through its Center for Housing and Urban Development, joined Union InterAmericana Para la Vivienda (UNIAPRAVI), a non-governmental international trade organization involved in financing, promoting and regulating the urban sector development in the Americas.

Founded almost 40 years ago, the organization is headquartered in Lima, Peru and serves to promote and provide advice for the definition of instruments and practices to sustain housing development by means of analyses and interaction between public and private sectors, so as to contribute to the socio-economic welfare of the continent.

The college is one of over 100 institutions in 20 countries that are active UNIAPRAVI members.

The Texas A&M College of Architecture’s membership in UNIAPRAVI promises to open new avenues for research and education opportunities on a Pan-American scale,” said CHUD director Jorge Vanegas, who last February led two UNIAPRAVI workshops in Guatemala City, Guatemala.



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CHUD director Jorge Vanegas at a UNIAPRAVI workshop in Guatemala