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Ulrich in the news



Ulrich deluged with interview
requests resulting from AP story

Roger Ulrich, an architecture professor at Texas A&M University, was quoted in a recent Associated Press story on hospital noise, which was picked up featured on the Cable News Network.

As a result of the widespread coverage, Ulrich reports, he has been “inundated with inquiries and requests for the research article referred to” in the report.

The article detailed Ulrich's study of cardiac patients at a Swedish hospital. He found that patients in rooms with sound-absorbing ceiling tiles were less likely to be readmitted within 30 to 60 days than those in rooms with the typical hard, sound-reflecting tiles.

Read the Associated Press report on CBS' Web site:

Ulrich featured in July issue of
Environmental Building News

Texas A&M architecture professor Roger Ulrich is heavily referenced throughout the article, “Biophilia in Practice: Buildings that Connect People with Nature,” which appears in the July 2006 issue of Environmental Building News.

The article takes a look at “the missing link in sustainable design,” biophilia — literally a love for nature — and how this concept can inform building practices.

The article is available online at:

Recent healthcare art article
focuses on Ulrich’s research

A cover story on healthcare art in the current, May-June 2006 issue of Medical Construction & Design (MC&D) magazine has generated a lot of interest in Roger Ulrich’s research on the topic. Architecture professor Ulrich and the Center for Health Systems & Design at Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture have received a number of telephone queries, requesting more information on the topic.

The MC&D article focuses on the evidence-based art program at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Ulrich’s research is prominently mentioned and forms the basis for much of what is said in the article.

“In essence, a large arts program at one of the world's leading cancer centers has been strongly influenced by research done in the Center for Health Systems & Design (CHSD),” said Ulrich. “Other major ‘top ten’ university hospitals have done similar things — that is, adopting evidence-based guidelines for selecting and commissioning art.” he continued. “Examples include Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and Duke University Medical Center. CHSD and Texas A&M are well known internationally in the healthcare arts community.”

The story is available in PDF online at


Roger Ulrich