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Natural beauty

Former student carves
niche as woodturner



Former student Marc Granberry (BED ’85, MSLD ’87) has carved a niche in the art world as a woodturner, creating stunning bowls and vases with a wood lathe.

He started out designing and building furniture and moved to woodturning after discovering on old lathe in his father’s garage. He went on to study under a number of noted artists, each one, he said, providing him with a great deal of inspiration. His highly valued work has been widely exhibited throughout Georgia.

“Form, shape, color and texture are the things that I use to bring out the beauty in the wood that I turn,” Granberry is quoted on the Signature Shop and Gallery Web site, where some of his work is currently on exhibit. “I believe that wood is naturally beautiful. I strive to enhance that beauty through the work that I make.”

To view Granberry’s creations and read more about his background and philosophy, visit


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A vase by Marc Granberry (BED '85 MSLD '87)