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Class Acts

Former students touch base
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Bobby Noack ARCO ’58 retired in April, 2006 from his position as Vice President of International Sales & Marketing for Space Imaging Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently self employed as a consultant for high resolution satellite imagery marketing and operations, Noack lives in San Antonio, Texas.


Robert Lane ARCO ’63 is currently the program director for the Dallas County Community College District Bond Program for Austin Commercial, LP; however, he’s looking forward to retirement in May 2006.


Joseph Smyth IV BARCH ’66 and MARCH ’67 will retire in December of 2006. He currently works in central Arizona, where he continues his work in planning, designing and developing ecologically sustainable communities. Joseph has two sons: Jody, age 31, and Elija, age 8.


At the 2006 national conference of the American Planning Association, it was announced that Robert Hunter BARCH ’67 and MARCH ’71 has been elected to a four-year term as president of the organization. Hunter has served as Executive Director of the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission in Tampa, Fla. since 1987. In 2001, he was named a Fellow in the American Institute of Certified Planners. He and his wife, Vickie, live in Plant City, Fla.


David Green BARCH ’68 was married January 2005, shortly after retiring on the last day of December in 2004. He built a house and moved to Wylie, Texas in May 2005.


Robert E. Lee ARCO ’69 and MARCH ’73 will be leaving soon for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to work on a project for World Bank and U.S. Aid. Lee will be evaluating 123 national hospitals for upgrade, in both facilities and medical equipment, in anticipation of U.S. Aid assistance funding.


In 2005, Nicolaas Wilkens BED ’89 left his job with Korth Sunseri Hagey Architects in San Francisco, Calif., and moved to Michigan. While in Michigan, Wilkens has been working on both historic preservation and sustainable projects through his companies, Fenn’s Design Mill and Wilkens Design Studio, LLC.


After receiving his BARCH Jay Garrot ’70 practiced in Florida before earning his MARCH at North Carolina State University. He became registered in Ohio and taught architecture at five universities. Garrot founded the Hammons School of Architecture and the Center for Community Studies at Drury University, and established a collaborative program with Tsinghau University in Beijing. Along the way, Garrot married and now has two children and two grandchildren.

John Small BED ’70 is Executive Vice President of Parsons Corporation in Charlotte, N.C., responsible for global business development for all commercial markets. Before moving to Charlotte, Small managed Parsons operations in Russia (1994-1999) and London, England (1999-2003).


Richard Landry BED ’71 celebrated the 27th anniversary of his company, Landry Architects in Salem, N. H., in November 2005. Landry Architects has grown to a 15-person firm, and is busy with a varied portfolio of work all over New England. Landry and his wife, Maureen, celebrated their 35th anniversary in August. A licensed clinical social worker in Delaware, their oldest daughter Jenny has been married for nearly five years. Their son Richard Jr. has been married for almost three years and has been working in the family business. And their youngest daughter, Beth, is working on her Master’s in Education at the University of New Hampshire and will be getting married following graduation in 2006. Landry plans on semi-retiring in 2008, turning the business over to Rich Jr. He and Maureen will be building a home in Vero Beach, Fla. to begin spending winters there.

John Parker BED ’71 and MARCH 1972 has retired from active practice and is currently dabbling with some design-build projects.


Raymond de Milliano MUP ’72 says he is semi-retired from his position as a Certified Senior Advisor with Sierra Health & Life. He spends a lot of time volunteering at rest homes, retirement centers and organizations serving the homeless. De Milliano says he has successfully led a quiet, productive life serving God to the best of his abilities, and he hopes to do so for several more years.

Phillip Rivers BED ’72, an architect with Hermes Architects, reports that his brotherhood group at Congregation Emanuel-Houston helped frame a home for some Katrina victims in Orange, Texas. Rivers says they do Mitzvahs all year long, and invites anyone who has a day or a couple of hours to participate.


Willie Carlson BLA ’73 is enjoying his work as regional architect at the USDA Forest Service, which includes N.M. and Ariz. With six projects in development, the only one under construction is in Questa, N.M. and should be ready for occupancy in late May or early June of this year. Other projects in the preliminary stage will be built in Sedona and Camp Verde, Ariz. and Cloudcroft, Mountain Air, and Magdelena N.M. Carlson’s wife Sheerie (the teasip of the family) is a family counselor in an adolescent treatment center in Albuquerque, and the two enjoy traveling and golf. Carlson would like to find Sid Gregg and Van Pool, and gives a big “howdy” to the entire graduating class in landscape architecture ’73.

J. David Dacus BED ’73 is the director of the commercial, retail and production housing group for ATI Architects and Engineers in California. The second phase of the San Francisco Bay Area community of Mountain House (the first new town begun in the U.S. since the Millennium) has just begun construction. Dacus has been instrumental in writing and administering the Design Guidelines for the Single Family & Multifamily Residential; Commercial, Office and Industrial; Town Center; and Community Service District. He has also designed the first park pavilion and neighborhood commercial center. At buildout, the community will be a thriving town of 44,000 residents with 11 K-8 schools, a high school and a community college. His wife Rachel is “in press” on her second book of poetry by David Robert Books, “Femme au Chapeau.” She recently published her second poetry CD, “Singing in the Pandeleshwar Cave,” through the online Aslop Review where she is on staff of a poetry board. They are enjoying their new hybrid Prius, averaging 50 mpg, and keeping track of their two Silky “Terrier-ists”. Dacus gives thanks to the fine faculty in the architecture department.

Following graduation, Thomas Duke BED ’73 and INSD ’74 worked in Houston for 3D/I and Morris Aubury. In 1979, Duke opened a branch office for Morris Aubury in Nashville, Tenn., primarily working with the Hospital Corporation of America on their corporate offices and hospitals throughout the United States. Two years later he went on to form Architectural Alliance, opening offices in Nashville and Memphis. In 1988, Duke moved to Seattle, Wash. to form T.A. Duke & Associates, working with commercial interiors and corporate headquarters for various local and national companies. Eleven years later he relocated his company to Westcliffe, Colo. and has recently moved again to Colorado Springs, where his firm has been mainly focused on commercial projects in the southern portion of the state. He was married in 1999 to his high school sweetheart after a delay of 30 years.

LeRoy Gutierrez BDCR ’73 has been working for Kellogg Brown & Root since graduation in 1973. He is involved with upgrading U.S. Embassies worldwide.


Vincent Caldeira BED ’74 recently moved back to his native state of Texas near Austin, after spending more than 20 years in Indianapolis, Ind. He now hopes to slow down and enjoy his retirement.


David Cornell BED ’75 has been busy with new and remodeled home design as an architect at Cornell Architecture in Plano, Texas. Over the past year the firm has received some commercial work that looks to have some longevity. Cornell will be pursuing the build side of the projects this year.


John Henry BED ’76 and MARCH ’78 wanted to share the new websites for his company, John Henry Design International in Maitland, Fla. You can see his work at and .

James Pirtle BED and BDCR ’76 is enjoying his life in Panama City Beach, Fla. as the Director of Construction—Bay County for St. Joe Company, Towns & Resorts. He sends out a big “Gig ‘em” to the centennial class of ’76.


As director of the Parks and Recreation Department for Mesquite, Texas, Marco Cisneros MLA ’77 enjoys creating programs and recreational facilities that enhance the quality of life for as many people as possible. Cisneros and his family miss being in Aggieland and visit whenever they can.

Ricky Penick BLA ’77 is the owner of Penick Lawn Sprinklers in College Station, and would love to stay in touch with old friends.


President of CawyerStevens Architects, Fred Cawyer BED and MBDS ’78, recently announced the addition of business partner Walter A. Marks II, AIA and the formal name change of the firm to CSM Architects - CawyerStevensMarks. With more than 15 years experience in design, management, and production of national institutional projects, such as Baylor Medical Center at Garland, the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and Herman and St. Luke’s Hospitals in Houston, Cawyer said Marks brings a new level of project enthusiasm, focusing CSM’s design talent toward its healthcare clients.

Richard F. Ritz BLA ’78 lives in Mesquite, Texas and works as a Senior Landscape Architect and Project Manager. His current project is Main Street Garden, one of the City of Dallas’ new “Downtown Parks”.


Principal and healthcare market sector leader for Perkins and Will, Houston, Greg Hughes BED ’79 and MARCH ’81, has two sons in college and one in high school.

H. “Dusty” Smith, Jr. BDCR ’79 recently joined W. G. Yates Construction as Business Unit Leader of the Dallas office, which is the Health Care Division for the company. Yates Construction, a Mississippi-based general contracting firm, is currently building $1.7 billion nationally and actively working to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.


A self-employed architect for the past seven years, Joseph Bennett BED ’81 and MARCH ’84 recently had one of his residential projects featured on HGTV’s “Generation Renovation.” Other noteworthy projects Bennett has recently completed include a new 14,000 sq. ft. office building headquarters for Village Bank & Trust and a new 2,400 sq. ft. Arts-and-Crafts style home that was selected for the local AIA Homes Tour.


Curt Baxmann BED ’82 obtained his MARCH, with an emphasis in Space Architecture, from the University of Houston in 1986, where he worked with NASA on a second generation space station and a manned mission to Mars. After 12 years of work in the architectural profession in Houston, he changed careers and is currently enjoying building young lives as an 8th grade U.S. History teacher at Quail Valley Middle School in Missouri City, Texas.


Senior vice president for the Dienna Nelson Augustine Company in Houston, Robert Carnegie BED ’83, said he enjoyed seeing faculty and former students at the 2005 TSA convention in San Antonio.

Terrell Musgrove BED ’83 and MARCH ’86 moved back to Texas from Utah after accepting a position as a project manager at Carter & Burgess in Fort Worth. He says he’s glad to be back in Texas.


Having retired from the Navy at the rank of Commander, Jim Rosser BDCR ’85 has returned to the College Station area and accepted a job at Texas A&M University.


Trudi Smith ‘BED 1986 has recently moved back to Houston and accepted a job with Buffalo Bayou Partnership as director of PR and events. She says she is glad to be back in Texas.


Becky Lynn (Fullerton) Pennec BED ’87 is a project architect and office manager of OPERA, a small firm in France. Pennec and her firm recently won a four-star hotel competition for the Ile Seguin, the former Renault site near Paris.

Owner and operations manager for N.O.W. Specialties, Inc. in Carrolton, Texas, Daniel Ozuna BED ’87 recently worked on the new international terminal “D” at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.


Kelly McGill BDCR ’89 reports that she is currently working as a project manager for Lexicon, Inc. based in Little Rock, Ark. Her current project has her working on the island of Trinidad.

Project manager at Hardin Construction Company in Tampa, Fla., Floyd Lambert BDCR ’89 was married in June 2004 in Florence, Italy.

Michael Wells BED ’89 and MARCH ’95 works for HKS Architects in Dallas. His wife Mindi is a graphic designer with HKS, and they have a son, Michael Reed Wells, born April 29, 2005. They enjoy spending time with fellow alum Tom Frymire, and his wife Susan.


Floyd Lambert BDCR ’90 has recently joined Centex Construction as the Florida Regional Manager for Corporate Accounts. He is now living in Tampa, Fla.

Steven Jackson BED ’90 received his architect’s license in December and is practicing at PBK Architects in San Antonio. He and his wife, Judy, were married in March 2005.

A district manager for San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Catherine Thorne BED ’90 has been working for ARAMARK School Support Services for the past 12 years. Although she’s not involved in the design field anymore, Thorne has been able to utilize her skills to develop plans for commercial kitchens and high-volume cafeterias. Since graduation Thorne has become fluent in Spanish while traveling the world, and she now resides in League City. She said she would love to know where Philip Sikes, Tom Lavin, Cathy Swartz and Sharon Farrar are now.

Jon Bassinger-Flores BLA ’90 and his partner have recently relocated to Los Angeles to explore new career possibilities. Bassinger-Flores is currently working as an administrative assistant for the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program, and is happy to have escaped Chicago winters.


Working for HKS Architects in Dallas, Edward Abeyta BED ’91 and MARCH ’94 has recently received critical acclaim for his principal work in designing the new Dallas W building. Completed in 2006, the building combines office space with condominiums and retail spaces. For the Dallas Morning News review of the building, visit

Kathy Biehn BED ’91 became a Registered Interior Designer in the state of Texas in March 2006. She is currently working on her architect registration requirements.

Scott Cutlip BED ’91 recently became a licensed architect. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

Debi Smith BED ’91 earned her Masters in Environmental Engineering in ’93 from Tulane University. Having recently returned to her hometown of Midland, Texas to raise her two children, Smith is self-employed, running environmental engineering consulting firm services for the oil and gas industry.


Currently a project manager with Durotech in Houston, Ronny Perryman BDCR ’94 recently completed building the Erma Lerma Rangle College of Pharmacy at Texas A&M University Kingsville last year.

Brandi Reaves BLA ’94 recently accepted a position with HNTB in Dallas as a senior landscape architect. She continues to volunteer for the Texas Chapter of ASLA as Government Affairs Chair, acting as liaison between the chapter and government advisor.

After more than 5 years with Alamo Architects in San Antonio, Anthony Stanton BED ’94 has recently started working with 3DI.

Carl Starry BDCR ’94 recently accepted the position of Development Associate with Trammell Crow Residential’s north Texas division. He is married to Steffani Brooks ’98.

Vice President at Balzer & Associates, Inc., Jeff Staub BLA ’94 says every day with his wife and three children (ages 4, 3, and 6 months) is an adventure. Work is also “wonderfully chaotic,” says Staub, with business in central Virginia booming and the availability of good personnel at a premium. Staub sends a big “Howdy!” to the class of ’94.


Irene M. Allender BED ’95 recently moved with her husband to another home in Dallas with their two-year-old daughter, Nora.

Having just attained the title of commercial realtor, Dan Carlson BDCR ’95 is now working two “full time” jobs—in his spare time, Carlson says, he designs homes as Envision Custom Home Design.

Daniel Dixon BED ’95, MARCH ’04, MSLD ’04, was recently promoted to manager of the planning department at Canin Associates, Inc. in Orlando, Fla. He oversees a staff of approximately 15 in the firm of over 60 people as a designer of urban communities. Dixon was elected president of the Florida Texas A&M Club for the second time and he is a co-organizer of the Urban Land Institute Young Leader Group, Orlando Chapter.

Project manager at The Design Studio, inc. (TDSi) in Cheyenne, Wyo., Rachel Preston BED ’95 and MARCH ’98 recently completed the design for the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens’ labyrinth. She is preparing applications to travel to Tibet next summer, where she will be documenting historic Buddhist monasteries and nunneries during a time when the Chinese are dismantling their historic architectural elements. In between studying for exams, which she will complete in June, Preston enjoys snowboarding, skiing, hiking, kayaking, driving her jeep off of cliffs, spending time with friends and volunteering at social service groups around town.

Heather (Bobbie) Robinson BED ’95 has married and changed her name, and is working as a professional artist in San Francisco, Calif.


An associate at Hornblower, Manning & Ward, P.C. in Corpus Christi, John Hubert MUP ’96, returned home from Iraq last year ago after completing a great deal of urban and regional improvements. He and his wife had their second child in early October 2005.

David Nienhueser BED ’96 has recently changed employment. Formerly an associate at Metis Advisory Group, LTD., Nienhueser is now an associate at Eckroth Planning Group in Chicago, Ill. His duties include the functional programming, space planning and design of healthcare facilities.

Jorge Rousselin BED ’96 has recently moved from El Paso to Austin to work for the City of Austin in as a Senior Planner in Urban Design, Zoning and Downtown Planning Projects. Rousselin is looking forward to enrolling in the MARCH program at the University of Texas.

Before joining Hillwood Development as a development manager last year, Thomas Woliver BLA ’96 worked as a land planner and landscape architect for eight years. He and his wife Tricia Amador BLA ’97 had a baby girl, Bella, in 2002 and are expecting again in June 2006.


Since graduation, Daron Andrus BED ’97 has worked at HKS, Inc. in Dallas. A senior designer in the hospitality studio, Andrus and his group were recently ranked #2 in the world in hospitality by “World Architecture.” Andrus has been married for 13 years and has 3 young boys.

Project manger at D.E. Harvey Builders in Houston, William D. Euston BDCR ’97 recently celebrated the birth of his first child, William Henry.

Emma Hocker MSARCH ’97 has been working at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden for the past 3 years. She is responsible fore documenting and conserving finds from the Royal Warship Vasa, which sank in Stockholm Harbor in 1628.

An associate at Kirksey in Houston, Paul Neworoff BED ’97 became licensed in the state of Texas in August of 2005.

Robert Rodriguez-Garza Ph.D.ARCH ‘97, was recently appointed as the director of the Division of Social Sciences and Humanities at Simon Bolivar University. Regarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as one of the top five universities in Latin America, Simon Bolivar University is comprised of Economy, Foreign Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences and Architecture and Planning Departments. From 1998 to 2003, Rodriguez-Garza was the chair of the Urban Planning and Development Program at the university, increasing annual student enrollment six times in four years. The program became internationally recognized by institutions from the Economic European Community, and won two national awards, the “Orden al Merito” and the “University Innovation for Academic Excellence.” Prior to the appointment, Rodriguez-Garza was a visiting lecturer in the City and Regional Planning Department at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, and was appointed treasurer of the Global Planning Education Network Coordinating Committee.

Daniel Turner BED ’96 and his business partner, Jonathan Odom BED ’96 are celebrating the second anniversary of their design firm, Odom Turner Studio, this December. Turner says that business has been growing, and that they continue to make inroads in the Austin design community.


Elizabeth (Webber) Cummings MARCH ’98 was married in November 2005. She currently works for Architexas in Dallas.

Project manager at BHA in Alabama, Anne Lumsden Ellis BED ’98 was married to Neil Ellis last year and they recently had a baby girl, Josephine Breck Ellis.

Rita Hodge MLS ’98 formed her own Landscape Design firm, titled rHfactor, four years ago in Houston, Texas. One of her garden designs was recently featured in the Houston Chronicle’s Gloss Magazine, pg. 22, August 3, 2006.

Jonathan McMillian BLA ’98 is enjoying life with his wife, Jenny, and their daughters, Meagan and Macy. McMillian works for Clark Condon Associates.

Patrick Morrah MARCH ’98 has lived in New York City, Savannah, Ga., San Jose, Calif., and most recently Las Vegas, Nev. He is a project manager at Wynn Design and Development, and his work has included schools, restaurants, corporate interiors and now hotel-casinos, with upcoming projects in Macau, China and Singapore. He is a licensed architect in Georgia.

Jennifer Taylor-Mannhard BED ’98 received a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development from Portland State University and is currently working for StastnyBrun Architects.


Ronald Abarca BED ’99 reports that he is working with TDI in Austin as a mechanical engineer.

Alexander Clinton BED ’99 is employed as team coordinator for Perkins + Will in Houston. He reports that he recently completed his LEED Accredited Professional CDT Certification.

Michael W. Hammer BED ’99 and MSCOMG ’00 is currently with David Weekly Homes as the lead estimator for the “Build on Your Lot” program in Dallas. He and his wife Jacqueline celebrated their fifth anniversary this past year in 2005. Their three-year-old son Thomas was anxiously awaiting the birth of his baby sister, Lillian, in the summer of 2005l.

Jamie Moreno BED ’99 celebrated the anniversary of his first year with Vaughn Design Studio in Houston this past August 2005, and started taking the ARE last fall to become licensed within about year. He and his wife recently moved into their new home in Richmond, Texas. Moreno says he could not have asked for a better career and lifestyle following his education at Texas A&M. He wants to give thanks to those at the College for all they have done for him and all they continue to do for the present architectural Aggies. Whoop and gig ‘em!

Gabriel J. Rios BDCR ’99 enlisted in the Army in 2001, and has attained the rank of sergeant. He was married in 2002 to Susan Gibson ’02, and they now have two children, Diego Roberto, born 20 Dec. 2002, and Juliet Paloma, born 28 July 2005. Rios says life is good.

Julie Sands BED ’99 was recently hired as a construction administrator at F&S Partners Incorporated, a Dallas firm that offers architecture, interior design, and planning services. Sands has six years of experience in the construction industry. Most recently she worked for the architectural firm, SHW of Dallas.


Selso Garcia BED ’00 recently left his job with Corgan Associates for a position with Three Architecture in Dallas.

Robert Holloway, Jr. BLA ’00 was recently elected to the Arboretum and Conservation board of directors for the East Texas Gardens, and is teaching a continuing education landscape class at Kilgore College.

Having completed his master of architecture degree from Clemson University, J. Clint Menefee BED ’00 is working in Dallas F&S Partners, Inc.

Joshua W. Miller BED ’00 accepted an appointment to serve as the state architect for USDA Rural Development in Lakewood, Colo. in November 2005.

Matthew Roy BDCR ’00 and his wife recently returned from England after he finished his Master’s degree in Project Enterprise Management at University College London. He is currently working for Huckabee & Associates in Fort Worth as a construction observer.

Jeong-Han Woo MSCOMG ’00 and PhD. Arch ’05 recently began working as an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Technology at Western Illinois University, teaching residential design, construction estimating and construction project management.


Laura K. Flannery BED ’01 was married to Sean Sachtleben, BDCR ’00, in October 2005. She recently completed her Masters of Architecture at Tulane University and is working with SHW Architects as an assistant project manager in Houston.

Assistant project manager at Vaughn Construction in Houston, Brian L. Golden BDCR ’01 says he has married a wonderful woman with a six-year-old daughter, and the two were expecting their first child in August 2005.

Keith D. Kizzie MARCH ’01 recently moved to the Atlanta, Ga. area.

Catherine (Harlan) Konwisarz BDCR ’01 was recently married and she and her husband are in the process of purchasing a new home. She is pursuing two Masters of Law, one in tax law and the other in energy law, while working as an associate attorney on mergers and acquisitions of energy companies for LeBoeuf, Greene & MacRae, LLP, an international law firm.

Tyra Vann Musoma ENDS ’01 celebrated her third wedding anniversary with her husband, Henry, in December 2005. After graduation they were living in Dallas, where she worked with The Beck Group, then Staffelbach Design Associates. Henry took a position as a lecturer in the Agriculture Department in fall 2005, so have returned to Aggieland. Musoma is currently serving as the undergraduate academic advisor for ENDS, and she invites to her former classmates drop in or give her a call if you are ever in the area, she’d love to catch up.

Believe it or not, Jon Mytyk BED ’01 ran away and joined the circus. Mytyk is currently the Lead Projections Technician for the permanent installation of the Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev. He runs two shows a night, and does all the maintenance and troubleshooting for an interactive multimedia system. Mytyk is considering going on tour with the upcoming 2007 show, but he is still undecided.


Heidi Hurr BLA ’02 began training to fly professionally one year following graduation. In April 2005 she earned her commercial pilot certificate, and is now officially recognized as Captain Hurr. She is now studying to become a flight instructor to build experience and gain flight hours.

An intern architect at Heimsath Architects in Austin, Jennifer Love BED ’02 recently began a local Emerging Green Builders chapter with a few other interested colleagues. Love was also in the process of planning for a 2006 wedding in south Texas to James Brooks McCleery, whom she met at the Engineering Computer Lab on campus. Additionally she has been training for a 10K and hopes to have built up to a half marathon soon.

Thomas B. Neild ENDS ’02 is a project engineer at Howard S. Wright Construction in Los Angeles, Calif. He says it’s not Texas, but the job’s paying. Come visit.

A project architect with Lamoreaux Associates in Houston, Coby Williams BED ’02 is proud to announce the arrival of his son, Cy Milam Williams, born in January 2005.


In May of 2006, Amy Adkison BED ’03 and Andrew Adkison BED ’03 celebrated the birth of their first child. Amy works at Wyatt and Associates, and in May she was anticipating Andrew’s graduation with his Master of Architecture.

Logan T. Cross BDCR ’03 recently received a transfer within Tilson Homes to San Antonio, where they are much busier.

Michele Bulfinch BED ’03 reports that she is currently working under a PE doing framing engineering for residential construction in Tomball, Texas. She is considering returning to school for an engineering degree, but says she may also use the experience she’s gained when she moves back into the world of architecture.

Brett Davis BED ’03 is currently pursuing a master of architecture degree at UCLA and expects to graduate in June 2008.

Jennifer D. Graham BED ’03 recently completed her MARCH at the University of Minnesota.

Following her May 2006 graduation with her M.S. in Public Horticulture from the University of Delaware, Melody Gray BLA ’03 is moving back to College Station and getting married.

Amber Hill BLA ’03 moved to Washington, D.C. in February 2006 and began a new job at LandDesign, Inc. The company works on planned communities, government projects and urban design, all from a renovated car shop in Old Town Alexandria that has been converted into big, bright studio spaces. Hill loves her new job and new city.

Kelly McGuffie BED ’03 is currently living in Plymouth, England with her husband, Mitch. Mitch is an officer in the US Navy and is doing an exchange tour with the Royal Navy. McGuffie, who had previously worked for KB Home in San Diego, Calif., is now taking advantage of the great travel opportunities in Europe while her husband is stationed there.

Christy Corbett Koether MARCH ’03 and her husband Curtis were expecting their first baby, a boy due on Dec. 25, 2005. She is working as an architectural intern for Heights Venture Architects in Dallas, and still tracking her IDP hours. Koether hopes to start teaching in the architecture field in the near future.

Tracy Richmond BED ’03 reports that she was recently promoted to Senior Project Manager at Steve & Barry’s in Port Washington, NY. Her Texas projects include several malls in the central and southeastern parts of the state. She is also excited to announce that she has become engaged, with a wedding to take place sometime in 2007.

Since graduating in 2003, Whitney Skinner BED ’03 has been attending Auburn University, and she will graduate with her Master of Industrial Design in August 2006. While at Auburn, Skinner has been collaborating on a study abroad trip to Italy and Europe with the Auburn Building Science program. She has also been a charter member of the Committee of 19, a student-led group for the War on Hunger Initiative sponsored by the United Nation’s World Food Program. After graduation in August 2006, Skinner will either work in the design field or she will continue her education in the Ph.D. program at Auburn in the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Phillip Smith BDCR ’03 was recently promoted from field engineer to project superintendent at Brookstone, L.P. in Houston. He is currently supervising the $3 million Pools and Pavilion Project for the Houston Racquet Club, which will include a family and Olympic lap pool and an outdoor pavilion.

Ho Joon Yang MSCOMG ’03 was just hired by the Mortenson Company as a Scheduling Engineer II. He says that he will keep his fellow Aggies apprised of any job openings within Mortensen.


For his professional paper, “HOV Lanes: Practice-Application in Houston” Suhag Kansara MUP ’04 received the Best Student Paper Award from the 2005 Houston Section of the American Planning Association this past September. A month later, Kansara received the 2005 Outstanding Student Poster Award for his project, “Safety in HOV Lanes” from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association. He also presented research at the International HOV Conference in May 2005, and will present again in April 2006, this time on the subject of, “Urban Indicators for Development and Analysis of TOD: Measurement and Effectiveness in Houston Metropolitan Area.”

A construction superintendent for Centex Homes in San Antonio, Pamela “Nicki” Mitchell BDCR ’04 is in her second year of employment and has already received her second promotion. She loves her work.

Currently an Account Executive in Houston, Texas, Josh T. Nachlinger BED ’04 has recently decided to move out of the design field, and now works more on the product side of projects. He focuses on dealing with architects and custom builders of high-end housing.

Candace Romero BED ’04 is currently working as an associate internal controls analyst at Bell Helicopter’s quality group in Fort Worth, Texas, creating presentations for the senior staff. In her spare time outside of work, Romero is researching graduate school options and enjoying photography.

Derek Schuelke BED ’04 announces that he is currently working in medical sales and is living in Austin.

Very busy since graduation, Michael Seim BDCR ’04 is working with Centex Homes in Minnesota. He is performing multiple tasks including land acquisition and land development. Seim says he is truly grateful of the education he received while in the College of Architecture, because it comes in handy every day. His other big news is that he will be getting married in August 2007 to his long-time girlfriend, Michelle.

Amrit A. Singh BLA ’04 will be completing his MSLD in December 2006 at A&M. His focus is on developing master-planned communities.

A project manager in the waterproofing and restoration division, Andy Wharton BED ’04 is enjoying his work at Chamberlin Dallas, Ltd. Wharton was married April 22, 2006.

Park C. Young MSLD ’04 works in Seoul, Korea as an Assistant Development Manager for a construction company.


Tyler Hardy BDCR ’05 has been working for Whiting-Turner Contracting in Waco, Texas. In June 2006, he will begin a new job with BASS Marketing Consultants, also in Waco, as an Inside Sales Consultant. Hardy got married on February 4, 2006, and says he is enjoying every moment.

Tyagi Priyanka MSCOMG ’05 has been hired by Skanska USA as an architectural specialist, shortly after completing his thesis under the direction of Dr. Charles Graham, Dr. Richard Burt, and Dr. Stuart Anderson. Priyanka says the flexibility and choices of courses that were offered in the Master’s program contribute toward making a well-rounded professional, an attribute greatly appreciated in the industry. Additionally, he says the College, and more specifically the Construction Science Department, provide a very supportive and interactive environment for the students to develop their personal and professional skills. So go ahead Aggies, he urges, utilize all you can and go “gig” the world.

Truitt G. Raun BED ’05 will be attending the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2006 working on his Master’s of Architecture.

Having recently graduated from the College of Architecture with a Master of Landscape Architecture degree, Janette Shellenbarger BLA ’05 has moved to Colorado Springs to begin her employment with NES Incorporated. She is also looking forward to receiving her tuition rebate.

Arlene W. Reich MARCH ’05 currently works as a Historic Preservation Advisor in Grosse lle, Michigan. Her most recent project is restoring the historic Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC.

Dipti Trivedi MLA ’05 is a Junior Associate Landscape Architect with the Hitchcock Design Group in Chicago, Ill. Trivedi says one of the biggest challenges was getting used to the Midwestern winters, and invites all to learn about the firm’s pioneering work in landscape architecture and land planning at

Just five days after graduation, Aaron M. Vorweek MARCH ’05 began working with Huckabee & Associates, Inc. in Fort Worth as an intern architect. Vorweek was married on June 18, 2005 at the Marty Leonard Chapel. He and his wife Amanda reside in Fort Worth.


Ana Castaneda BLA ’06 started her career at SWA Group. She was recently engaged and is planning on an April 2007 wedding.

Fernando Diego BDCR ‘06 graduated in 2006 and is working as a project engineer. Diego says work is “good, good, good.”

After having graduated early, David Morris BED ’06 began attending the Master of Science program in Visualization Sciences at Texas A&M in the fall of 2005.

Following his August 2006 graduation, David Stallman BDCR ’06 began working as a project engineer for Hoar Construction in Houston.

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