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Computer effects used in installation

Visualization students exhibit 'Hess in Dallas' installation with visiting artist



Students collaborated with visiting artist Dawn DeDeaux, exploring her work ”Hess in Dallas,” a digitized theater rendered to human scale in an actualized 3-D environment. The technical experimentation addressed synchronization of computerized 3-D effects with a corresponding physical space.

The students also tested a 50% mirror glass, which rendered special effects together with coordinated film and computerized manipulations. The workshop emphasized research in the arts and humanities and cross-cultural currents belonging to mass media.

The subject of “Hess in Dallas” is Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess, deputy fuhrer and once Hitler's second in command. After a failed secret flight to Britain to negotiate a deal with Churchill, Hess spent the remaining years of his life in Berlin's Spandau Prison. Incarcerated in isolation until the age of 92, Hess was not allowed to read newspapers, yet was allowed to watch television. It is reported that Hess became obsessed with the TV series Dallas until his death, which like J.R.'s, provoked further conspiratorial theory.

”Hess in Dallas” explores the “lebensraum” (living space) of Rudolf Hess in physiological, physical and historical overture.



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Installation by Artist in Residence Dawn Dedeaux and Architecture students

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