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Visualization faculty collaborate on
presence sensitive art installation



Spring 2005, several members of the Texas A&M visualization faculty collaborated on a presence sensitive art installation, “FLOAT,” that was exhibited at Sam Houston State University’s Gaddis Geeslin Gallery.

Known as AFEW Artists’ Collaborative, FLOAT artists include Bill Jenks, Karen Hillier, Carol LaFayette, and Mary Saslow.

To view the installation, visitors entered a darkened hallway and passed by a small, backlit image. As they peered into the image, their faces were “captured” in infrared and projected with other composite images into the horizon of the main installation, where fluid colors flowed over a colored mesh creating an environment resembling a river. The sound of water, accompanied by organ, emanated from behind the wall.

FLOAT video 1 (installation in context with acoustic environment):

FLOAT video 2 (close-up of captured images projected on “horizon”):

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The environment created by the FLOAT installation

Faces projected into the main installation

Faces captured and merged with other imagery

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